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1. [2017-04-05] Due to server capacity issues, we no longer store files on the server.

2. [2017-04-05] Save the resulting image file or send it by e-mail.

3. [2017-04-05] There is a problem that the kanji is broken because of the font / library.

4. [2017-04-06] Signature design has changed drastically with the help of Jumuura.

5. [2017-04-06] In addition to heroic hero you can choose hero directly.

6. [2017-04-06] Battle tag number display ON, OFF function was added.

7. [2017-04-06] Battle tag number display OFF, the number is removed from the battle tag has been modified to send mail.

8. [2017-04-06] Fixed the problem that the title and the Hangul of the sender are broken in a specific email.

9. [2017-04-07] Fixed a situation where the level frame and the star image position are unnatural.

10. [2017-04-07] A quick match mode has been added. I decided not to fill in the contents of the signature at the moment because of trouble.

11. [2017-04-08] The existing API server did not respond and changed to another API server. https://api.lootbox.eu -> http://ow-api.herokuapp.com

12. [2017-04-08] Imgur upload function is implemented. Imgur Upload When uploaded, uploaded image URL will appear at the bottom of the screen.

13. [2017-04-09] We now support multiple languages ​​(Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese).

14. [2017-04-09] Now the region, platform is displayed in the signature.

15. [2017-04-18] Twitter upload function has been added. Share your signature with your friends!

16. [2017-04-19] Fixed the phenomenon that kanji and some Japanese are not seen. The koverwatch.ttf used as the default font does not support Kanji and some Japanese, so I used a different font.

17. [2017-04-19] If you enter an invalid email address, an error message will be printed and the system will not attempt to send email.

18. [2017-04-19] Now you can add custom messages.(45Bytes)

19. [2017-04-20] You can choose a background image for your hero.

20. [2017-07-30] Doomfist was added. We added several background images of Doomfist.

21. [2017-08-03] We no longer use the “ow-api.herokuapp.com” API. We have crawled the official homepage to collect data.

22. [2017-08-03] The Latin characters in the battle tag are invisible in the koverwatch.ttf font, so I modified it to look like a different font for Latin characters. Existing characters are displayed as they are.

23. [2017-09-12] I applied an SSL certificate to my site.

24. [2017-09-15] Fixed the problem that the sender's domain is displayed incorrectly when sending e-mail.

25. [2017-10-29] We have added an option to show the signature creation date on the signature.

26. [2017-10-30] Battle.net login and personal authentication added. After signing in with the Battle.net login button, when you create a signature, an authentication mark is added to the signature.

27. [2017-11-02] Fixed an error that sometimes did not create a signature when creating a signature without choosing a hero.

28. [2017-11-09] On the Signature generation page, we have displayed a group based on the hero's role.(Offense, Defense, Tank, Support)

29. [2017-11-14] Moira was added. We added several background images of Moira.

30. [2017-11-15] Please send background image. A size of 850 x 400 or more is required. Please send in a high quality image.(I need an in-game image file.) We will review and apply.

31. [2017-11-18] Added background image. I will add more later. Added background image: McCree, Reaper, Sombra, Mei, Torbjörn, Zarya, Ana, Moira, Zenyatta

32. [2017-11-21] You can change the font of your custom message. (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Latin)

33. [2017-11-23] Fixed an error that the Battle.net login function does not work.

34. [2017-11-24] Demonstration Creating demonstration video (Youtube) link has been added. (Thanks to Bianchi for allowing us to use the battle tag.)

35. [2017-12-01] When XBL, PSN platform was selected, Battle tag caption was modified to match the corresponding platform.

36. [2017-12-01] When you select the site language as English, I changed the custom message font to appear as a custom message language.

37. [2017-12-01] When the platform is pc and the region is global, the alignment of the text "PC GLOBAL" in the generated signature image is centered by the level frame.

38. [2017-12-01] Fixed An absurd error that xbl and psn platform users could not create an overwatch signature.(Thanks to ladyskorri of reddit for help.)

39. [2017-12-01] Book marking function was added.

40. [2017-12-03] Fixed an issue that the attached image file name was wrong when emailing the generated signature (email is not a required field).

41. [2017-12-08] Fixed an error in internal logic associated with custom message.

42. [2017-12-11] Some users' Battletag (XBL Gamertag / PSN ID) is broken or not displayed.(This is a font problem for national languages.) Now, you can choose a font that can display the ID correctly. After entering the ID, you can execute the "Load Font" to load a list of fonts that can display the correct ID, and preview the font by selecting it. Of course, you can use it in the conventional way.

43. [2017-12-12] When the font list is loaded, I have applied a list of fonts alphabetically and case-insensitive.

44. [2017-12-12] Added non-English fonts. (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

45. [2017-12-13] I also applied custom fonts to custom messages.

46. [2017-12-13] Custom fonts used for BattleTag (XBL Gamertag / PSN ID) and Custom message have been changed to be more intuitive and user friendly.

47. [2017-12-14] I've improved the logic that loads the Font, and applied an update that slightly increases the speed.

48. [2017-12-20] Fixed an issue that the width of the font sample image file was too wide.

49. [2017-12-20] Efficiently modified the logic for sending email.

50. [2017-12-20] Fixed an issue with non-English text breaks in emails.

51. [2018-04-01] You can choose Brigitte. Background images will be added later.

52. [2019-07-10] You will no longer see Google ads on this site.

53. [2019-07-10] I have removed Battle.net login and Twitter upload functionality.

54. [2019-07-10] Added new heroes (Ashe, Wrecking Ball, Baptiste)

55. [2019-07-17] Removed certain fonts that caused a preview error.

56. [2019-07-17] We have re-implemented Twitter upload and Battle.net login.

57. [2019-07-22] I added custom message sorting by request. The default alignment is right as before.

58. [2019-07-22] Fixed an issue where sending to "Naver Mail" did not work.

59. [2019-07-24] Added hero 'Sigma'.

60. [2019-07-25] Changed China to Taiwan in platform and language settings. ( 中文 -> 國語(台語) )

61. [2019-07-25] Russian has been added to language settings.

62. [2019-07-25] 7 kinds of fonts have been added.

63. [2019-08-03] Several sigma backgrounds have been added.

64. [2019-08-08] I fixed an error that prevented uploads to "imgur.com".

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